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iBomb Bluetooth Speaker Range 

The soundtrack of your life,loud and clear 

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SwitchdOn iBomb Turbo is a little audio gem manufactured to the highest available standards and with marked precision. They are guaranteed to provide countless hours of music to your life’s memories and special moments. These speakers not only provide the highest possible clarity and sound production in their class, but also deliver your music with an iconic sense of fashion and desirability. With its superb craftsmanship, elegant poise and outstanding sound quality this device will add a touch of style to any environment. 

All speakers in this series are fully Bluetooth enabled, have built in Micro SD memory card support and audio inputs together with a high quality microphone feature.

Choose between the iBomb Thunderball(EX800) & the iBomb Turbo(TRX570) and listen for yourself. Hearing is believing! Let iBomb blow you away!  


Turbo BWThunderball BW






iBomb Bluetooth Speaker Range (Bluetooth Speaker)


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